World’s thinnest battery pack
Drive-by-wire powertrain (used in most modern aircraft) Two hub motors: better stability, better reliability, super responsive Audio alerts: improved safety, and driver comfort



Vehicle category L7
Registration and Driver License Required
Wheels 4
Seating capacity 2 (one in front, one in the rear)
Doors 4
Dimensions (mm) 2217 x 917 x 1560
Kerb weight (kg) 480
Ground clearance (mm) 160
Weight distribution (FAW/RAW) 47/53
Tires 120/80-R12
Variants Three: e, s, and x.
Top speed (kmph) 60
Gradeability 10 degrees
0-40 kmph 5 secs
Range (km per charge) 90
Capacity (KWh) 5.6
Cell type LFP
Charger 1.8 KW, onboard
Charging time 4.5 hours
Charging point 15A power socket
Rollcage material High strength steel
Frontal crash test Passed
Seat belts Both driver & passenger
Thermal monitoring 16 temp. sensors around the vehicle
Audio alerts Alert driver to safety violations
Rated power (KW) 6
Max torque (Nm) 362
Motor type BLDC hub motors
Regenerative braking Yes
Transmission type Single speed automatic
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